Australian mum with a rare eye condition takes her first steps in her career

A young mum who had a rare congenital eye condition that left her blind is getting her first job.

Key points:Jillian Molloy has just had surgery to fix her eye condition and is now able to use her hand and arm to walkThe family is now in Australia on a six-week stayThe family have been given a $1 million Australian grant to help pay for their travel and accommodation in AustraliaShe says the procedure has given her the confidence to work in her field, which was “very daunting” to her in the past, she says.

“It’s really exciting and I’ve really enjoyed it.

I’ve got a very good support system,” Ms Mollox told ABC News.”

I feel very, very lucky.

I think the doctors are very pleased with the results and I have a great team around me.”

Jillian is the first Australian in a long time to have a congenital defect and her family say it is “just a bit of a surprise”.

Jillian was born with the condition, which is caused by a genetic mutation in the gene for the optic nerve.

Doctors say the condition can affect vision and balance in young people, and can cause pain and fatigue.

Jillian, 18, said she struggled to get out of bed and walk for years, but had to relearn to use the hand and hand-to-hand movements when her eyesight deteriorated.

“When I was young I would struggle to find a chair to sit in because my vision was not very good,” she said.

“My vision was just so bad, it was like it was a blur.”

Jillian said her parents and step-father were also initially sceptical about the operation, and said the medical team had “never been a team before”.

“It was difficult initially, but I think they did the right thing and they’ve done the right things in the end,” she added.

Jillion’s mum, Katie, said the operation was a “real blessing”.””

The whole family is really supportive.”

Jillion’s mum, Katie, said the operation was a “real blessing”.

“There’s no words to describe how much it means to be able to have someone else with us,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“There are so many people in our life who have had similar conditions that are not able to walk because of it.

It’s been a real blessing.”

Katie Molloys said Jillian’s family was “really, really supportive”.

“Jillian’s parents are so amazing and so supportive,” she explained.

“She’s had so many amazing times with the family.

I really think they’re so lucky.”

Katy said her step-son had been a huge help during the surgery, and that her daughter had been “a little bit of an odd duck”.

“She doesn’t really have a lot of friends so it’s been really difficult with just being away, being isolated, being away from the family, but she’s had such a big helping hand, she’s been so helpful,” she concluded.

“The whole hospital is really happy for her, she looks really, really good.”

We’re very lucky to have her here.

“Jilly Mollot, who has a congenitally-related eye condition called a corneal tumour, has now had surgery that will fix her congenital condition and she is now walking with her arms and hands.

Jilly, who lives with her mother in Melbourne’s east, said her vision had improved, but not the rest of her body.”

A lot of my problems are with my eye, and it’s kind of like my eyes have the same problem as my eye,” she lamented.”

But it’s definitely getting better, and I think it’s really helped me get through my issues.


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