How to tell if a tornado is a tornadic storm

Tornado tracks can be hard to see from the ground, but this new visualization from Next Big Futures looks at the movement of a tornado over time.

It uses the tornado tracker in the Weather app to show the distance to the center of the storm and its speed.

The data is available for the first time on the app.

It’s a good start.

The next big thing to see is how quickly the tornado moves from the center to the periphery of a storm, which is what Next Big is tracking with its new tornado tracker.

The visualization shows how fast the tornado is moving in a straight line from the central storm to the outer boundary of a tornadicity.

In the visualization, you can see that the tornado moved in a fairly predictable way from the core of the tornado to the perimeter, but as the tornado grew in strength and distance, the path changed and moved in unpredictable ways.

Next Big thinks the same thing happened in the case of a severe tornado.

It also shows that the path of a large tornado is almost always straight down from the tornadic center.

NextBig says the tornado track is consistent with what we would expect for tornadic storms in the atmosphere.

This is good news for those who think tornadoes are mainly generated in the tropics and are likely to stay there.

It could also mean that more severe tornadoes tend to develop closer to the equator, which could explain why they tend to be more intense.

We also looked at the tornado tracks from the United States.

It was fairly hard to track, but Next Big tracked the tornado across the entire United States for the past month and a half, from the coast to the deep South.

That means there were a lot of tornadoes moving around, and Next Big had to take into account the location of many tornadoes.

There was also some variability in where tornadoes were located, so we had to account for that.

This visualization also shows the movement in the tornado as a function of the speed of the rotation of the Earth.

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