Australian companies and their trade deals: A timeline of the decade-long warzone

The Australian Financial Reviews has updated its database of trade deals and deals negotiated by Australian companies since the start of the Australian government’s first war.

This includes deals and agreements in the energy, mining, transport, telecommunications and financial sectors.

The database also includes deals in other sectors.

A key takeaway is that the majority of deals between Australian companies in the 1980s and 1990s were bilateral, with the exception of deals in the financial services sector.

Australia has had a number of trade agreements since 2000.

The list below includes some deals which have been cancelled, renegotiated or never happened.

Trade deals cancelled by the Federal Government in 2016: Trade deals that have not been included in the list include: The Australian dollar The Australian investment grade currency The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) The Australian Government’s share in the Australian dollar the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) The Commonwealth Government’s participation in the ASX and other financial markets (the “financial sector”) The Australian Banking Corporation (ABC) The Federal Government’s investment guarantee scheme (the ABC)The Australian government funding of the Commonwealth Government and other Commonwealth Government institutions (the Aged Care Act 1992)The Reserve Bank of New South Wales (RBNZ) The Reserve Bank’s role in the Reserve Bank (the RBNZ Act 2008)The Australia Business Council’s role as a member of the RBNW and the Commonwealth’s participation as a regulator of the Aged Service and the AGE Act 2006The Australian Capital Territory’s contribution to the Australian economy (the Capital Territory Act 1992, c. 12)The New South Welsh Government’s contribution as an Aboriginal community to the Queensland Government’s commitment to Indigenous Australians (the Indigenous People’s Agreement)The Commonwealth Government involvement in the National Health Service (the National Health Insurance Act 2001)The Federal Government funding of a state or territory health system (the Commonwealth’s contribution)The federal government’s contribution for the State Government to the federal government (the Medicare Levy)The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s contribution on behalf of a Commonwealth department (the Australian Investment Commission Act 2006)The foreign investment in the Commonwealth (the Foreign Investment Promotion Board Act 2008, s. 2)The Government of New Zealand’s contribution (the New Zealand Investment Act 1999)The contribution of the Government of the Northern Territory to the Commonwealth contribution to pay for a New Zealand Government program (the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs Act 2005)The participation of the Department of Industry and Innovation in the Federal and State Governments’ commitments to assist in the construction of the $2.5 billion AgedCare ACT (the Government’s role)The State Government’s financial contribution (The Government’s $500 million contribution)

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