What’s new in Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile?

Windows 10 mobile updates include some minor tweaks and bug fixes, but the company is also rolling out a new feature.

Windows 10 on mobile now includes the ability to set notifications on devices that can only be activated by an Apple-provided mobile device.

Microsoft said in a blog post Tuesday that it’s launching the new feature as part of its Continuum initiative, which lets devices from different manufacturers connect to one another without having to be physically separated.

It’s the first time Windows 10 will allow devices to work directly with one another.

Continuum is one of the key features that Microsoft has been touting as a key component of the upcoming Windows 10 version 10586.

The feature is meant to let devices work with each other without needing to physically separate.

“This is not an Apple thing,” Microsoft said.

“We’re not saying Apple will make the phones work.

But we’re saying you can connect them together on a phone.

This is the same feature we had with iOS.

It allows you to sync a device to your PC and share files.

This will work on phones as well.”

It’s worth noting that this is not a full-fledged version of Continuum.

Microsoft has a “mobile” version of the feature, called the Continuum Mobile, which is available on phones and tablets.

Microsoft will not announce the availability of a “full-fledged” version for mobile phones until later this year.

Microsoft also announced on Tuesday that Continuum would be made available on all Windows 10 devices, including Surface devices.

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