When I say that I love you, I mean it: I’m so grateful that you’re alive

When I first got ahold of you, the story went viral.

It was on Reddit, and you were in your early 30s, a woman who had suffered an injury to her face that had left her with permanent facial scars.

You’d been married for more than 15 years.

You and your husband had two kids, and it seemed like an eternity before you’d ever be able to see your kids again.

That wasn’t the case.

A couple of months later, you found yourself in a car accident.

You woke up in the emergency room.

Your husband had broken his leg in the accident, and both of you were taken to the hospital for treatment.

At that point, your husband was not only a patient, but a patient of yours.

You had been in a coma for a month, and your face had been completely covered in a thin layer of ice.

He’d been diagnosed with a degenerative disease called rosacea, and was also in a medically induced coma.

But that didn’t mean that the rest of your life was going to be a happy one.

When your husband died, you had no idea what would happen next.

You weren’t allowed to have contact with your family, and were confined to a hospital bed.

Two weeks later, your body started responding to the painkillers you’d taken, and within two months, you were back to your old self.

The first thing that popped into my head was, Wow, I wonder what my life will be like without my husband?

The second thing that came into my mind was, Oh, my God, I want to be with my kids.

Your mom, mother-in-law, grandmother, sister, brother, and dad all died in that accident.

You were left to your own devices.

You spent most of your time with your grandmother.

My father-in

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