Which country’s leader has the highest net worth?

Net worth is a controversial measure of wealth and is usually used as a way to measure the success of a family or a country’s economic growth.

It’s also used to gauge the influence of politicians and other figures on the people of a country.

But critics say the measure is flawed and is based on a very limited sample of people.

The report shows that the top 10 net worth leaders in the world are the top 1% of the world’s richest people.

Below them are a total of 19 individuals.

The most popular country to be a top net worth leader is Brazil with 11, followed by Australia with 10, India with 9, Russia with 8, and China with 7.

The top 10 nations to be top net Worth leaders are the US, France, Germany, Japan, China, France and Russia.

The bottom 10 countries are Turkey, India, Germany and Saudi Arabia.

Below the top 100 are the bottom 50.

Net worth leader in each country The countries that have the most people who have the highest average net worth, according to the research, are Brazil, Canada, France (11,547,076), the US (11) and Germany (8,958,966).

The most influential person in each of the countries is the president of the European Union, with a net worth of over $1 billion.

Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff is the top net wealth holder in the European Economic Area with a personal net worth estimated at $1.9 billion, while the country has the lowest average wealth of all the top 20 countries.

Brazil is home to the world´s richest people and the country’s leaders have the largest wealth in the OECD and its members.

According to Forbes Magazine, the country also has the world`s most billionaires.

The US has the most billionaires at over $14.8 trillion, followed closely by China with $13.4 trillion, the UK with $12.4 billion and the United Kingdom and Canada with $11.7 billion each.

Brazil and Canada have the biggest share of the richest people in the EU, with the UK having the largest share at 18.6%, followed by Germany with 16.4% and the EU with 14.8%.

China, meanwhile, has the smallest share of billionaires at just over 0.4%, with India at 0.3% and Germany at 0%.

The most powerful person in the global economy is the President of the United States, with over $16.5 trillion in wealth, followed in fifth place by Japan with over US$16.2 trillion.

France has the second-largest share of wealth in Europe with more than 30% of its wealth, with Italy in third place with 15.3%.

The country with the lowest wealth is China, with less than 5% of people in poverty.

The World Economic Forum, which publishes the report, said that wealth inequality was at a record high in 2016, with total global wealth having more than doubled to US$9.7 trillion.

It said the richest 10% of households in the US had net worths of more than $1 trillion.

The wealthiest 10% had net wealth of $6.4trillion.

The richest 10%.

The report said that the richest 100 people around the world had net assets of over US $2 trillion, which equates to a share of over 60% of global wealth.

However, the report said: “Although the wealth of the rich is growing, it is also rising more slowly than the rest of the population.

The share of inequality that remains is even higher, which means that the gap between the rich and the rest will remain much larger in the years ahead.”

Net worth of the top people in each nation Net worth was calculated using data from Forbes Magazine for the years 2015, 2016 and 2017.

The data is from the Wealth of the World.

The calculations were done by combining information from Forbes magazine, Bloomberg, CNN, and The Guardian, and from the US Department of Commerce and the International Monetary Fund.

The analysis was done by Professor Christopher Furlong from the University of Oxford, who is a director of the Oxford Institute of International Studies.

He said:”There is a growing concern that the number of people who own more wealth than the vast majority of the global population is set to continue to grow.

This report shows the widening inequality gap and the importance of looking beyond the data.”

The research shows that, while some of the wealthiest people around have much more wealth, the wealth gap between them and the average person has narrowed dramatically over the last decade.

For example, between 2004 and 2016, the average wealth per person in Brazil, Argentina, Germany (the UK) and China (the US) has increased by just $1,800 each.

In the same time period, the income gap between those at the top and the bottom of the wealth scale has also narrowed substantially.

It also found that between 2004-2016, the gap in wealth between the richest and poorest people increased by more

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