Which countries will dominate in the next four years?

By now, everyone knows China has its sights set on becoming the next big thing in sports, with a 2022 World Cup bid that will mark its first in living memory.

But, is it going to happen?

The answer to that question is: not exactly.

Here are five reasons why the country is going to be just as dominant as the United States for years to come.1.

China’s economy will keep growing for decades: China has a population of more than four billion and a growing economy that is set to keep growing, as evidenced by the country’s impressive record in international sport, which is set for record growth this year.

The country is currently the world’s biggest exporter of sport and will be even bigger next year, with annual growth rates exceeding 10 percent.

And with a huge Chinese population, China has an abundance of talent, and its athletes are now entering the world stage at a faster pace than ever before.

China is expected to lead the world in number of athletes by 2020 and will likely surpass the U.S. as the world leader in terms of global sports participation.2.

China will have its own TV rights deal in 2022: With China’s TV revenues forecast to rise by nearly $2 billion in 2022, the country has an enormous appetite for sports rights.

The Chinese government has been working on a deal with a global TV network to launch a national sports channel that will serve as an outlet for its sports content and provide viewers with local and international coverage.

The new deal could bring the country closer to the World Cup than ever.3.

China has been making its case for the 2022 World Series: After decades of being the only country to win a major international sporting event in its history, the Chinese government is now looking to the 2022 Winter Olympics as its showcase event.

As the 2022 Olympics are set to take place in Pyeongchang, South Korea, China will be looking to secure its spot in the Olympics as well as its World Series status.

China hopes to gain a foothold in the international sporting world, as well, by hosting the Olympics.

With the 2022 tournament set to be the most expensive ever and the country set to spend about $2.3 billion on the games, the government is likely to push to secure the 2024 games.4.

China and India are going to dominate for decades to come: China is the country with the second-largest population, and India is the largest economy in the world.

The two nations have been building strong bilateral relations over the years and have become the dominant powers in Asia and the world over the past few decades.

In 2022, China and the Indian government are expected to spend more than $8 billion on bilateral trade and investment projects in the country, which will be a huge amount for a country that is still trying to rebuild itself after the 2008 financial crisis.5.

India will dominate for a very long time: India’s dominance in the sports world is a testament to its growing talent pool.

In terms of population, India has more than three million active sports fans.

As of now, the number of active Indian athletes is almost twice as large as the number in the U: The country has more active sports teams and players than any other country.

India also has a thriving and growing sports culture.

In 2018, India hosted the first Asian Games, with more than 200,000 people attending the Games.

More than 60 percent of the country plays sports at least once a week, which means the country can attract an international audience with its high-quality, competitive and international events.

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